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Weekly Horoscope Virgo - 01 August 2014

Astrology, Horoscope, Rashiphal, Prediction | राशिफल | Rashifal  in HindiVirgo has the symbol of 'The Virgin', but the similarity ends there itself. People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are very devoted to their families. They are not much talkative and mostly stand away from a crowd. However, they will be noticing even the smallest detail. The typical Virgo personality traits include perfectionism.


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BUSINESS/STOCK/PROPERTY: Beginning of the week is good to invest in share market. This investment will give you hight returns in the future. Try and keep friendship and business on different lines. HEALTH: Week will prove to be moderate in terms of health. Sick people will feel better and will feel happy. Follow a healthy routine. RELATIONSHIP AND LOVE: Tension might affect your personal relationships. You might end up in argument or misunderstanding with your close friends or cousins. CAREER AND EDUCATION: Students will get success easily this week. Whereas students in engineering and techinical fields will face some difficulties. FAMILY AND FRIENDS: This week you might get into a fight with your parents or a family member. Do mind your words before you speak out. Don’t get hyper while giving your point of view on any topic this week. LUCKY NUMBER: 5 is the lucky number of the week. LUCKY COLOR: Orange will help you open the doors to your luck. Avoid using black or blue colours in any form.

Someone may prove to be quite an exaggerator in your life for this week. You need to make your mind up whether you will let this person rock your worl...

The week ahead could be one of successful activity along with a renewed level of energy. You can do very well if you can keep track of what you're doi...

Virgo is the sign of service and self-improvement. The symbol is young woman gathering wheat. Virgo's harvest information and put what they learn to p...

You will make sincere efforts to fulfill your wishes. Manage your time well to cope with the rising demands. You will keep yourself busy for the week ...

This good phase will relax you and let you enjoy the comforts of life. Work is smooth, but there is greater focus on networking. There could be work-r...

You'll be one busy little bee this week, and you'll love every minute of it! Making order out of the chaos that surrounds you will bring a deep sense ...

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