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Daily Horoscope Gemini (May 22 - Jun 21)About Mithun Rashi

Astrology, Horoscope, Rashiphal, Prediction | राशिफल | Rashifal  in Hindi

Daily Rashifal Mithun in Hindi

The sign of Gemini, having the symbol of 'The Twins', is considered to be the child of the zodiac. Just as his symbol, a Gemini person will always have two different sides to his changeable personality. He changes his mind too quickly, along with his clothes, his job, his love life or even his residence.

Daily Horoscope Gemini- 24 July 2016

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Your mind will be distracted today because of family problems. Failure of your child will keep you worried. RELATIONSHIP AND LOVE:
All the misunderstandings which have been creating problems in your relationships will be resolved today. Use communication to improve all relations. HEALTH:
Suddenly you may feel sick, so keep your health on priority today. This might affect some important work too. Avoid working extra hours and try not to take any tensions at all. CAREER AND EDUCATION:
You might take a big leap or an important decision regarding your career today. Promising day to take part in any competition. BUSINESS/STOCK/PROPERTY:
Today is a good time for buying and selling of shares. You might face some issues in the beginning of the day but towards the end things will get smooth. LUCKY COLOR:
Yellow will help you succeed today. You might end into trouble because of green. LUCKY NUMBER:
8 will solve all your issues today.


Yellow will help you succeed today. You might end into trouble because of green.


6 is the number for you today. Be patient and avoid being stressed out.

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