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अंकज्योतिष - Numerology

Astrology, Horoscope, Rashiphal, Prediction | राशिफल | Rashifal  in Hindi

Numerology in Hindi

Numerology has been an inseparable part of astrology since ancient times. Numerology is the study of numbers, and their combination, and according to that it describes the horoscope of one’s life. There are some important numbers in study of numerology among of them the most important one was Birth day Number or also Known as Psychic Number.

Number 1

Destiny Number 1

Natives of Destiny Number 1 are affected by the Planet Sun. Influenced by the Sun, these people are independent, assertive, free. Number 1 represents creativity and arts.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 1

According to Numerology, natives of this number are very patient and determined. They are also very responsible and always fulfill their responsibilities. Number 1 natives are fair, generous and keep a sense of gratitude. They are good money keepers and can save money very easily. They are leaders from birth so they are also very obedient. They like to do their work accordingly and wisely. With their great knowledge and intelligence, they can easily achieve respect in society.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 1

The natives of Destiny Number 1 must pay little attention on few things. They are good in leadership but must refrain themselves from partiality. They must keep calm and disciplined. Do not try to impose your judgment on anyone and never lose your temper.

Number 2

Bhagyank 2

Natives of Bhagyank 2 are affected by the Planet Moon. Influenced by the moon, these people remain calm but sometimes excessive turbulence dominates over them.

Behaviors and Qualities of Bhagyank 2

Natives of Bhagyank 2 are very patient. This number two resembles tolerance, decency and generosity so it is placed on a special place. Keeping a sense of equality, these people have the ability to work with others. Bhagyank 2 natives are very sentimental so some people consider them weak also. They always prefer the ideal approach.

Negative Characteristics of Bhagyank 2

As you have read above, Bhagyank 2 people are very sensitive and emotional wherefore they get hurt very easily. Being shy and demure nature they do not reveal their things to anyone easily. They can also conspire against anyone when in anger.

Number 3

Destiny Number3

Destiny Number3 Natives are very spiritual, philosophical and decisive. To move forward in their life, they consider artistic and inspirational approach always. They are excellent as friends and get along with others very fastly.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number3

Destiny Number3 Natives are very hilarious as well as of carefree nature. They inspire others by leading a normal life even in serious situations. People of Number 3 fulfill their social responsibilities even when they are struggling. They are optimist and live their life with great zeal and enthusiasm. Being ambitious they can be good at writing, acting, teaching and singing also. They affect anyone easily with their behaviour and dialogues.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number3

They should avoid getting involved in controversies. Don’t let ego dominate over you when you succeed. Your longing to earn money can lead you on a wrong path which you will later repent upon. Being sentimental, you cannot see the suffering of others. Intervention in Social Work might lead you toward success.

Number 4

Destiny Number 4

Destiny Number 4 people are affected by Rahu planet. Influenced by Rahu, any adversity can hit them and there could be chaos in your life.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 4

They are very efficient and flexible. Remember the price of your success is hard-work only. They are very logical, reasoning and do not pay attention to every small problem. Though all your requirements met on time but you need to be more restraint. You can get attracted towards literature, art and technology. Keeping a positive attitude in your life, you follow your duties properly.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 4

You should restrain yourself from backbiting about others but rather focus on their positive side. You are very extravagant so you must learn to earn money first. Avoid extra spending to prevent yourself from financial crisis. Be aware of strangers otherwise you may have to face a major problem in your life which could be financial also.

Number 5

Destiny Number 5

The Natives of Destiny Number 5 are very carefree and open. They like excitement and adventures. They do not like boundations over them and are very loyal. Sometimes people take them as flatterer or sycophant.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 5

They are very benevolent and can even bear trouble on themselves to help others. They leave work incomplete most of the times and their nature is very difficult to understand. They can be excellent foe as well as friend. They are very ambitious and talented.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 5

Due to their Variable nature, they cannot last longer at a place or at any work. Get influenced easily from wrong companions. Use your abilities in right direction and socialize with the community members. Destiny Number 5 natives are well versed in many subjects but they do not form their judgment very quickly. Avoid excessive thinking otherwise you will be surrounded by mental illness.

Number 6

Destiny Number 6

Destiny Number 6 Natives are affected by Venus. Venus is considered a symbol of beauty and sexuality which is why people get attracted very easily towards the Native of Destiny Number 6.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 6

They are good invigilator and mentor. They are fond of literature, art, makeup etc. Destiny Number 6 people are full of confidence and a person of great intellectual ability. They are always ready to help others. They always achieve success in the field of art. They are experts in oratory thus helps to solve down the disputes between different people.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 6

Do not trust anyone blindly and take time to depend on others. You are extravagant so you might face financial problems. Avoid getting into arguments. Improve your agitated nature.

Number 7

Destiny Number 7

According to Numerology, Destiny Number 7 is considered very mysterious. Ketu Planet is the ruling planet of Destiny Number 7. These people are very difficult to understand. Number 7 teaches a person to live independently either financially or emotionally. Though number 7 born are very calm but can be violent and furious sometimes.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 7

These people are well known for their mysterious acts. They are good writers, magicians and actors. They can very easily make their own space in society. They make good judgments. They can be seen involved in religious practices also. They do not like to mix up with people too much. This is the reason that they don’t make enough friends. They cannot bear any negativity or any interruption in their life.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 7

These people are very self-conscious and do not trust anyone. Numerologists advice these people to keep faith on others and to keep control on their emotions. Think twice before any action to avoid bad results.

Number 8

Destiny Number 8

These people are affected by Saturn so they are extra-ordinary personalities. They do not believe in pretention but rather believes in reality. They are often misunderstood and only their long term friends can understand them.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 8

They take their responsibilities seriously. They are bold, clear, passionate and even eager to make bigger sacrifices. Their life is full of struggles but with their hard-work they can overcome all the problems and touch the heights. As the holder of the Destiny Number 8, they are sometimes radical and extremist who believe in completing their tasks. They are good in politics, teaching and social work.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 8

They are always keen to gain respect and success which can sometimes make them harsh too. They want every work to be done as per them which leads the starting of their rivalry. Trusting anyone completely may be difficult for you. There will be many ups and downs in your life but never lose your patience.

Number 9

Destiny Number 9

These people are affected by Mars, which is why they resemble anger and enlightenment. They are known for their passion and colorful moods. Holders of number nine are always inclined to move forward. They are fond of decoration and beauty.

Behaviors and Qualities of Destiny Number 9

They have the quality of leadership, coordination and dedication. They cannot see anybody in suffering or pain. They are always in the limelight because of their nature. They believe in punctuality. They can earn good amount of money. They are brave and courageous so they are not afraid of any crisis.

Negative Characteristics of Destiny Number 9

They get angry very quickly. They are independent minded so they don’t work under pressure. Some people often misunderstood them as egoist. They often overreact when somebody says wrong about them. They tend to live in style even during economic problems.