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Astrology, Horoscope, Rashiphal, Prediction | राशिफल | Rashifal  in Hindi

Numerology in Hindi

Numerology has been an inseparable part of astrology since ancient times. Numerology is the study of numbers, and their combination, and according to that it describes the horoscope of one’s life. There are some important numbers in study of numerology among of them the most important one was Birth day Number or also Known as Psychic Number.

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Number 1

Be sure that your guidance of others is tempered with compassion and sensitivity. The essence of your own 1-vibration will greatly enhance your leadership ...

Number 2

Taking charge of any situation will be much easier on this 1-Day. This vibration will greatly enhance your willingness to step up, speak your mind, and ...

Number 3

A strong sense of leadership ability may be present for you on this 1-Day. Because of your natural flair in social settings, this might be a strong quality ...

Number 4

Trying new ideas will feel right on this 1-Day. This vibration can get you motivated to head out and seek stimulation from the activities you engage in. ...

Number 5

Expect to stand out in the crowd on this 1-Day. The energy from this vibration can put you in the spotlight easily, if this is what you want. It makes for ...

Number 6

If you are in charge of others in your work take care that you don't make unrealistic demands on them. Not everyone can keep up the pace that you do, Six. ...

Number 7

You may find you feel more apt to act impulsively on this 1-Day. The energy from this vibration is such that you can feel full of vim and vigor, Seven. ...

Number 8

Watch that this 1-Day's vibration doesn't see you too full of yourself. While it may be true that you possess more skills or qualifications than those around ...

Number 9

Your natural leadership skills will peak on this 1-Day. Whether you have something that sees you formally instructing or guiding, or you're simply hanging ...

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आपका भाग्यांक आपके जन्म की तारीख का योग है। अपना भाग्यांक जानने के लिये अपनी जन्म तिथि चुने:-

नामांक बताएगा आपका भविष्य

नामांक भविष्यफल जानने का आसान तरीका माना जाता है। अपना नामांक जानने के लिए यहां अपना नाम दर्ज करें:


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